Panasonic HDC-HS80 บันทึกด้วย HDD ความจุ 120 GB. โหมดอัจฉริยะ iA ให้คุณเป็นมืออาชีพได้ง่ายๆ ด่วน!!! ปกติราคา 19,990 เหลือเพียง 16,391 บาท สินค้าจำนวนจำกัด

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Panasonic HDC-HS80 บันทึกด้วย HDD ความจุ 120 GB. โหมดอัจฉริยะ iA ให้คุณเป็นมืออาชีพได้ง่ายๆ ด่วน!!! ปกติราคา 19,990 เหลือเพียง 16,391 บาท สินค้าจำนวนจำกัด

รหัสสินค้า: 000471 ราคาปกติ 19,990.00 บาท ราคาพิเศษ 16,391.80 บาท ประหยัด 3,598.20 บาท สีของสินค้า: สีดำ รายละเอียด: Makes optimal settings automatically – for both motion and still images. iA (Intelligent Auto) This powerful function senses the shooting conditions and automatically makes the settings and activates functions that will deliver optimal results. With both motion and still images, iA does the bothersome settings for you and makes it easy to capture beautiful, well-focused images. * The functions included in iA may not be applied when conditions do not call for them. Blur-free zooming and shooting on the move. HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) HYBRID O.I.S. corrects hand-shake blurring by combining the action of its hybrid optical and electrical image stabilization systems. Even when zooming, where hand-shake often occurs, both optical and electrical hand-shake correction make it possible to record beautiful images with approximately 2 times* the hand-shake suppressing effect as conventional models. * Compared with the HDC-SD60, HDC-TM60, and HDC-HS60. Active Mode Active mode comes in handy when shooting while walking or playing with your children. The wide correction area corrects even relatively large hand-shake motion. It‘s especially good for active video shooting. Recognizes important people's faces and captures them beautifully. Face Recognition The Face Recognition function recognizes the faces of registered subjects, and automatically optimizes the focus and exposure for those special people. It continues to track the subject as he or she moves anywhere within the LCD frame, making it ideal for video shooting. It is extremely useful for capturing someone's face in a group. Names can also be registered and displayed on the LCD while shooting. A total of six people can be registered, and the names of up to three people at a time can be displayed in the shooting frame. Locks on a subject and tracks it. AF/AE Tracking Touch the LCD screen to indicate the subject, such as a person or an animal, that you want to focus on, and let AF/AE Tracking do the rest. The camera locks on the subject and follows it around, keeping it in sharp focus and properly exposed. It keeps tracking even if the subject turns to the side. This advanced function makes it easy to get a continually clear, beautiful shot of the subject in the scene you care most about. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','290','height','250','align','middle','src','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2009spr/tracking','quality','high','wmode','transparent','bgcolor','#ffffff','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2009spr/tracking' ); //end AC code Detects the situation and switches the scene mode automatically. Intelligent Scene Selector The Intelligent Scene Selector function analyzes the shooting situation and automatically switches the camcorder to the suitable scene mode that will give you optimal results. Portrait This mode captures faces beautifully. With Soft Skin mode, complexions are automatically enhanced to make faces attractive.   Scenery This mode is ideal for shooting wide landscapes and sweeping vistas, such as at the ocean or in the mountains. It balances the exposure over the entire frame to prevent brighter parts of the image, such as the sky, from being washed out or having blown highlights. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','290','height','250','id','scene','align','middle','src','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/scene01','quality','high','wmode','transparent','bgcolor','#ffffff','name','scene01','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/scene01' ); //end AC code   AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','290','height','250','id','scene2','align','middle','src','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2009spr/scene02','quality','high','wmode','transparent','bgcolor','#ffffff','name','scene02','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2009spr/scene02' ); //end AC code Spotlight The camcorder automatically uses this mode for scenes with particularly strong contrast, such as when you're shooting a spot lit area on a darkened stage. It captures the well-lit subject perfectly and prevents washed-out areas.   Low Light In dim lighting, the camcorder automatically switches to a slower shutter speed so that images across the entire frame are bright and easy to see. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','290','height','250','id','scene3','align','middle','src','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/scene03','quality','high','wmode','transparent','bgcolor','#ffffff','name','scene02','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/scene03' ); //end AC code   AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','290','height','250','id','scene4','align','middle','src','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/scene04','quality','high','wmode','transparent','bgcolor','#ffffff','name','scene04','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/scene04' ); //end AC code Captures faces beautifully - even in dim or backlit scenes. Face Detection Face Detection automatically senses the ambient lighting and adjusts the exposure accordingly, so faces are bright and easy to see. The focus also prioritizes the faces, and skin tones are smoothed. Faces in the center of the frame serve as the reference for adjustments, but the function can detect up to 15 faces at once. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','290','height','250','id','face2','align','middle','src','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/face','quality','high','wmode','transparent','bgcolor','#ffffff','name','face','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/face' ); //end AC code Helps suppress blown highlights and retains a natural contrast. Intelligent Contrast Control Intelligent Contrast Control detects the ambient light level and adjusts the exposure accordingly, helping to prevent blown highlights and blocked shadows. You can capture natural looking, highly nuanced images with proper contrast. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','290','height','250','id','light2','align','middle','src','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/contrast','quality','high','wmode','transparent','bgcolor','#ffffff','name','light','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/ia/2010spr/contrast' ); //end AC code With a Special iA Mode for Still Images The iA function is active even when the camera is in still-image mode. When the Intelligent Scene Selector detects the shooting situation, it automatically switches to one of the five Scene modes for still-image shooting, and optimizes the settings for the still image. •Sports •Portrait •Spot Light •Snow •Beach •Sunset •Fireworks •Scenery •Night Scenery •Night Portrait •Macro Captures smiles automatically. Smile Shot (Still Image) The Smile Shot function automatically detects subject smiles, and captures the best possible smile while you're shooting movies. It lets you easily catch those fleeting, easy-to-miss stills of a smiling subject. It will also optimize the focus and exposure for your subject's smiling face. Capture the smiles of only certain subjects – Face Recognition Linked   Capture the smiles of an entire group – Face Detection Linked   Capture the smiling face of a moving subject – AF/AE Tracking Linked This function detects subjects who are registered in advance and automatically snaps the shutter to catch the subject's best possible smile. It's great for capturing the smiles of certain people in a group.   This function automatically snaps the people within the LCD frame smiles. It gives you shots of an entire group of people smiling, making it great for group shots.   Simply touch a subject within the LCD frame. This function will then lock on and start tracking your subject. When the subject smiles, it'll automatically snap the shutter. Intuitive shooting, easy viewing 2.7” Wide LCD with Intuitive Touch Operation The easy-to-view 6.7 cm/2.7" wide LCD screen allows intuitive fingertip touch-operation. When shooting, you can use Touch Zoom to instantly zoom in and out by simply touching your fingertips, and Touch Shutter to automatically focus when shooting still images by simply touching the subject on the screen. For playback, you can also change thumbnail pages by sliding a fingertip across the screen. You get smooth, intuitive operation and don‘t have to take your eyes off of the LCD screen. Touch operation for shooting You can easily zoom in and zoom out by simply touching the LCD with your fingertips. Shoot at any angle of view while watching the screen. You can touch the subject on the LCD screen to instantly focus on it and takes a still picture.   Touch operation for playback You can flip through thumbnail pages, display one of the thumbnail scenes, highlight a scene, and more, with easy, intuitive, fingertip operation. Great for sudden photo opportunities! Saves energy too! 1.0-sec Quick Power-On Switch the power on and the HD camcorders are in standby mode in approx. 1.0 seconds*, ready to shoot when you are. When the LCD is closed, the power automatically switches off. This fast startup and automatic shutdown also help reduce battery consumption. * Depending on the recording conditions, start time may be longer than 1.0 second. 0.6-sec Quick Start Using Quick Start mode, you simply flip open the LCD and you're ready to shoot in just 0.6 seconds.* When Eco mode is also used, the power turns off whenever the camcorder has not been operated for 5 minutes. This reduces wasted power consumption, and enables a longer battery life. * Depending on the recording conditions, start time may be longer than 0.6 seconds. When the built-in memory fills up, recording automatically continues on an SD Memory Card. Relay Recording The Relay Recording mode automatically switches from the built-in flash memory (once it's full) to the SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card and continues recording. You don't have to worry about missing an important shot while switching media. How to combine motion images that are split onto two types of media as a continuous scene.     Arrange the data that is split onto two types of media on an SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card. If the SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card has sufficient capacity, it's possible to arrange all of the split data as a single continuous scene on the SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card. Use the included software. You can also use the editing software that is included with the camcorder to join the split data as a continuous scene.   Use a DVD burner to create a disc. If the SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card is not big enough to hold all of the split data, use a DVD burner to create a disc with all the motion images as a single continuous scene. Helps protect recorded video data from damage due to jolts and impact. 120GB*1 HDD The internal hard drive lets you record continuously for up to 51 hours*2 without changing a disc, SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card or other recording media. *1 The 120GB hard drive utilizes a portion of the storage space for formatting, file management and other purposes. 120GB is 120 billion bytes. Usable capacity will be less. *2 In HE mode Anti-Shock Shield Images are recorded even before you begin shooting. Pre-Rec Function This smart function records three seconds of images even before you actually begin shooting. The images are held temporarily in the camcorder's internal memory, before recording begins. This helps ensure that you won't miss the start of a moment you want to record, such as when an event begins all of a sudden. For example, if you're waiting to snap a shot of a jumping dolphin, you can press the REC button after you've made sure that the dolphin has cleared the surface of the water. The camcorder will record the entire scene, from the instant of the dolphin's jump until it disappears again into the sea. * The camera must be aimed at the subject in advance. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,19,0','width','590','height','350','src','../../products/feature_fla/pre-rec/tm900','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','../../products/feature_fla/pre-rec/tm900' ); //end AC code Inside or out, you can adjust the LCD brightness. Auto Power LCD The LCD brightness can be adjusted manually to suit the surroundings. In Auto Mode, the LCD brightness is adjusted automatically in 16 smooth steps depending on the surroundings. In darker rooms it adjusts to a lower brightness, making it easier to frame the shot. Outside, it adjusts to almost twice the brightness for easy viewing even on sunny days. Beautiful LCD images even from an angle. Wide Viewing Angle The LCD has a highly detailed, 230,400-dots display and a viewing angle of 170°, both vertically and horizontally. Images are clear and bright even when viewed from an angle, so everyone can gather around the LCD to enjoy on-the-spot recordings. The wide viewing angle is also great for taking high- or low-angle shots. Prevents unintended shooting. AGS (Auto Ground-Directional Standby)* The O.I.S. linear motor system can detect when the camera is in an unusual shooting position - such as when you've inadvertently left it on in recording mode. In these cases, the camera automatically stops recording, saving both battery power and media storage space. * In PAL area, the AGS (Auto Ground-Directional Standby) is called the Anti Ground Shooting. • Set to OFF when shipped from the factory. To turn AGS ON, the setting must be made on the menu screen. Captures those spur-of-the-moment scenes. 60 Frames/Sec High-Speed Burst Shooting* This function lets the camcorder snap up to 60 consecutive 0.9-megapixel still images* per second for a total of 180 continuous images in about 3 seconds. The resolution can also be increased and up to 30 consecutive 2.1-megapixel still images** per second can be shot for a total of 90 continuous images in about 3 seconds. You can use it to analyze a golf swing, tennis stroke or other motion. You can also use it to get good shots of subjects in fast motion. Just fire off a number of shots without stopping, then keep the best ones and delete the rest. * In PAL areas, 50 consecutive 0.9-megapixel still images per second. ** In PAL areas, 25 consecutive 2.1-megapixel still images per second. Adjusts the focus easily. Focus Assist This function shows which subjects are in-focus by displaying their outlines in blue. You can easily check the focus on LCD when manually focusing, to ensure consistently clear, sharp images. Supports your best composition. Composition Guide Lines With wide LCD monitors, it's hard to keep images perfectly level. The HD 80 Series solve this by displaying horizontal and vertical Composition Guide Lines that make it easy to keep the subject straight and level. Select the recording mode to match your needs. HA / HG / HX / HE Mode / iFrame Mode The TM80 is equipped with a built-in 16GB memory, and can be used together with a 64GB SDXC Memory Card to shoot for up to 34 hours 10 minutes.* The HS80 features a 120GB HDD, and can be used together with a 64GB SDXC Memory Card to shoot for up to 78 hours and 30 minutes.** Choose the recording mode that matches your intended use – iFrame mode for maximum recording time, or HA mode for optimal image quality. * In HE mode. Motion Picture Recording Time [approx.]


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