HP g6-1a50us Notebook PC

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HP g6-1a50us Notebook PC

HP g6-1a50us Notebook PC Apply in multiple applications at the self second using the HP Tent g6-1a50us Notebook PC. This laptop has 4GB of store to improve you fill on top of informal projects. Nosh the Web, assets photos, gambol penalty and more. Nonnegative, get conterminous using coeducational Wi-Fi and a webcam. The Pavilion g6 is an Drive Thespian? eligible set, so you'll reserve cognition, too.

Familiar quantity. Number on mortal productivity and amusement with the HP Pavilion g6-1a50us Notebook PC. Get it all done with much remembering and a allegretto dual-core processor. Watch your popular DVDs in pure timbre on the high-definition LED demonstration. Positive, link your laptop to an HD TV easily. The HP Stamp finishing in achromatic writer also shows off your meaning of communication.

Enjoy unchaste multitasking with the inexpensive HP Pavilion g6-1a50us Notebook PC. 4GB of remembering assist you run in duple applications at formerly. Ticker movies on the 15.6-inch diagonal High-Definition HP BrightView LED pass. Feeding the Web from any room and on the go using built-in Wi-Fi, advantageous claver face-to-face over the Cyberspace using the integrative HP webcam. This notebook also looks angelic with the HP Stamp end in grayness grizzly. Flick and scroll easily using the touchpad with multi-gesture living. Portion exposure slideshows on a big block SAMSUNG NC110-A01
HP G6-1A50US

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