จำหน่าย Bosch PCM 8 S 1200 Watt Compound Sliding Mitre Saw

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จำหน่าย Bosch PCM 8 S 1200 Watt Compound Sliding Mitre Saw

จำหน่าย Bosch PCM 8 S 1200 Watt Compound Sliding Mitre Saw

Technical Details

  • Multi-functional clamp
  • Solid aluminium base
  • Right and left extension with additional parallel fence
  • Spindle lock for easy blade replacement
  • Easy to use mitre and bevel angle detents

The Bosch PCM 8 S compound mitre saw has a powerful 1200 watt motor for the toughest applications. The saw is able to cut cross, bevel, mitre and double mitre cuts--it’s useful for a variety of tasks around the home, and its compact size and light weight make it a convenient tool to both use and handle. Anybody who has to cut a lot of long material quickly and precisely is perfectly prepared for anything with these saws. Use for straight cuts and for cuts with mitre or incline angles.
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The compound mitre saw is ideal for strips, slats, boards, square timbers with a small cross-section or narrow wall panels. The compound sliding mitre saw is recommended for material with a larger cross-section, such as wide square timbers, thick beams or wide parquet panels--its sturdy double slide mechanism increases the working range of the saw blade


The PCM 8 S also makes precision cuts simple with an easy-to-read horizontal imprint scale at the front and rear for mitre and bevel cuts and an integrated laser beam to make sure the cuts are just right. The tool is perfect for accurate sawing of thick work pieces. The PCM 8 S comes with no-load speed of max. 5,200 rpm. It is especially beneficial for repetitive cuts, where the highest level of accuracy is a prerequisite, as with crosscuts and long beams, picture frames, multiple boards with identical length, panels and furniture making (esp. shelves).
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Support and Exactness

The PCM 8 S is fitted with an 8-inch TCT blade. The saw is constructed of high quality aluminium for high strength, precision, and light weight. Cutting angles (Mitres) are 47 degrees left and 53 degrees right: compound Mitre is 45 degrees to the left. A trenching cut is possible allowing you to cut part way through your timber (great for groves or tenons). The user will be able to cut timber up to a maximum of 70 mm thick and 282 mm in width. Other features and equipment include timber supports, a dust bag, timber clamp and a laser to show the cutting line. The integrated spindle lock makes it even easier for an easy blade replacement.4.75m Multi Purpose, 4.7M Scaffold Ladders, Black Decker GK2235, Deluxe Larch Wooden, Hitachi NR90GC2, K rcher SC 1.020 , Exakt saw DC270, Peltor Sport Tactical , Maine Chrome Straight , MAKITA BTD146Z , Triton Passion 9.5kW, Wolfcraft 5500 , Storage Options 53317 , 3 Section Trade Ladder, Swann PRO-781 , 240V Volt 550W Portable, Professional Daylight 71, Bosch Rotak 43 LI, 350-1 Logan Compact, 5.43m- 3 Section Extension , Mens Timberland 6 , Einhell BG-MT 3336, Bosch PMF 250 CES , Wolf Dakota 90L, Makita BHP451Z, Professional Artists Lamp, Bosch AXT 23 TC , Bosch PSB 14.4 LI-2, Bushnell TrophyCam 2012, Bosch 36V Battery, DEWALT DCK290L2 18V, Bosch AXT25TC , DeWalt DC013 , Hozelock Easyclear , Hayter 619 Spirit, MSA Sordin Supreme , Bosch PTA 2400, Dimplex Bach 2 kW, Makita 4350FCT , Dewalt D26453 , Triton RSA300 , Vitrex 103450, Clarke CHT497, Dewalt D26500k , Sealey AP2200 , Abbey Telescopic Ladder, Wolf Big Blaster 2 , Bosch AXT Rapid 2000, Bosch PSR 10.8, Storage Options 53318, HILKA 14 Drawer, Worx WU670.1 , Warmup Foil Underfloor , Makita BJV180Z , Keter Rattan Style Anthracite , HEDGEHOG GUTTER LEAF


Even cutting wider work pieces to size is possible thanks to the ease of use and slide function, which supports two stable side continuations with additional parallel fence and a double sliding rail.

Other Features

The mitre saw comes complete with a dust bag which fits easily onto the dust extraction port to ensure as much dust is trapped as possible. In addition, the saw includes the Bosch Softgrip handle, which allows users to get to real grips for outstanding, safe guidance and effortless working
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