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 AlfaRichi installed the first Casio VX-100 All in one Android EPOS ...
May 4, 2012 ... AlfaRichi installed the first Casio VX-100 All in one Android EPOS terminals in the UK – In 1 restaurant and 1 coffee shop in Hackney, London ...

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 VX-100 - News - CASIO
Jul 27, 2012 ... Casio America Releases New Android POS Terminal for the Retail and Hospitality Industry.

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 NICHE HARDWARE: Casio VX-100 EPOS terminal | Eurodroid
Oct 21, 2011 ... The VX-100 is a compact EPOS terminal equipped with a colour main display with full-touch screen operation, a sub-display that is great for ...

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 Casio VX-100 - Registroid - Android Point of Sale
The VX-100 is an Android-based compact POS terminal equipped with a color main display with full-touch screen operation, a customer facing sub-display, and ...

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 Casio ECR&POS - Products - VX-100
The VX-100 is an Android-based POS terminal designed specifically for the POS industry that offers both an embedded application and an open platform no ...

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 Android POS ; the Future of POS ; Casio VX-100 and 7" WaiTAB ...
Jul 29, 2012 ... VX-100 epos 10 inch and 7 inch handheld android pos runing WaiTAB from DINATOUCH more on www.waitab.com.

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 Casio VX-100 Android EPOS Terminal | AlfaRichi Ltd.
Large splash-proof 10.4 inch SVGA touch screen; Built-in 80mm receipt printer one-box system; Consumes 85% less power than conventional PC based ...

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 VX-100 POS System and Registroid Cloud Deliver - News - CASIO
Oct 10, 2012 ... Casio Interfaces with Registroid™ to Maximize Android POS Terminals Throughout the Retail Industry.

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