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 Surround Sound
The applications of surround sound have expanded to encompass much more than just movies. Digital TV broadcasts and high-fidelity music, too, have evolved ...

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 Surround - Merriam-Webster Online
a (1) : to enclose on all sides : envelop <the crowd surrounded her> (2) : to enclose so as to cut off communication or retreat : invest. b : to form or be a member of ...

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 Surround | Define Surround at
to enclose on all sides; encompass: She was surrounded by reporters. 2. to form an enclosure round; encircle: A stone wall surrounds the estate. 3. to enclose (a ...

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 Surround sound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Surround sound is a technique for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with additional audio channels from speakers that surround the ...

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 surround.vim - Delete/change/add parentheses/quotes/XML-tags ...
Surround.vim is all about "surroundings": parentheses, brackets, quotes, XML tags, and more. The plugin provides mappings to easily delete, change and add ...

คำค้น: surround Customer Reviews: Sony HT-SS370 Surround Sound ...
I'll start by saying that I already had a Blu-ray player (PS3), so I was looking for a surround system that was affordable and easy to set-up, actually sounded good, ...

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 Using Surround Panning in the Mixer
Logic Pro allows mixdowns in several surround formats, even if your audio hardware offers only two outputs. Because it would be difficult to mix or record in ...

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