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The aim of the game is to gain points by creating words from the selection of eight letters given to you on-screen: Longer words give more points. Add letters to a ...

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 8 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
8 (eight /ˈeɪt/) is the natural number following 7 and preceding 9. The SI prefix for 10008 is yotta (Y), and for its reciprocal, yocto (y). It is the root word of two ...

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 eight - definition of eight by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...
Something having eight parts, units, or members, especially: a. Sports An eight- oared racing shell. b. An eight-cylinder engine or motor vehicle.

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 eight - Wiktionary
From Middle English eight, aught, eahte, ahte, from Old English eahta (“eight”), from Proto-Germanic *ahtōu (“eight”), from Proto-Indo-European *oḱtṓw.

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 Eight Communications | A Branding and Design Agency
Eight Communications is a Branding and Design Agency creating strategic solutions that work to build market strength.

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 Eight, Arizona PBS - A Member-Supported Service of Arizona State ...
Based at Arizona State University. Schedule and program information. [PBS]

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 Eight Inc.
Architectural firm offering commercial, retail, industrial and residential design.

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 Eight (1998) - IMDb
Directed by Stephen Daldry. With Jack Langan-Evans, Mark E'von, Gina McKee. A day in the life of an eight-year-old soccer fan who has to come to terms with ...

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