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 Child Protective Services - New York State Office of Children and ...
The purpose of the Child Protective Services Act of 1973 is to encourage more complete reporting of child abuse and maltreatment. The law established a Child  ...

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 Chicago Public Schools : home
News Alert: The first day of school for all CPS students is Monday, August 26th. Visit cps.edu/B2S for more info. Key Upcoming Events. August 26. First Day of ...

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 DFPS - Texas Child Protective Services (CPS)
The Child Protective Services Division investigates reports of abuse and neglect of children. It also: provides services to children and families in their own homes ...

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 Welcome to CPS Energy
CPS Energy on Facebook CPS Energy on Twitter CPS Energy on You Tube CPS Energy on Flickr. Who We Are · Financial Information · News and Multimedia ...

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 Child Protective Services - California Department of Social Services
The CPS is the major system of intervention of child abuse and neglect in California. Existing law provides for services to abused and neglected children and ...

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 Child Protective Services
Sometimes information gathered by Child Protective Services (CPS) indicates that the risk of harm to a child is so great that he or she would be unprotected if ...

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 Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.: CPS
Learn More About CPS. CPS Profile. Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. (CPS) is a specialty finance company that provides indirect automobile financing to ...

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 Cincinnati Public Schools |
Daily lunch menus, the district's annual performance report, curriculum, discipline , transportation, finances, reform, and testing.

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